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There was a patch "slessp3-aaa_base" which I guess might have changed this.
It was not marked "interactive", so it was installed on my servers without a
reboot afterwards. Probably these changes got active when I rebooted because
of the kernel patch...
Lines 292-306 of /etc/init.d/boot.localfs

        # preserve /var/run in case we mount a new /var over it
        mkdir -p /dev/shm/run && cp -a /var/run /dev/shm
        OLDVARRUN=$(stat -c "%m" /var/run 2>/dev/null)

        # mount the rest
        mount -av -t $nofs -O no_netdev
        rc_status -v1 -r

        # check if we need to restore /var/run
        NEWVARRUN=$(stat -c "%m" /var/run 2>/dev/null)
        if test -n "$OLDVARRUN" -a "$OLDVARRUN" != "$NEWVARRUN"; then
                cp -a /dev/shm/run/ /var
                chmod 755 /var/run
                rm -rf /dev/shm/run
:~ # rpm -qf /etc/init.d/boot.localfs
:~ # grep aaa_base-11-6.98.1 /var/log/zypp/history 
# 2014-11-26 10:31:55 aaa_base-11-6.98.1.x86_64.rpm installed ok
zing:~ # rpm -q --changelog aaa_base | head
* Wed Nov 12 2014 ro@suse.de
- preserve /var/run if /var is a submount (bnc#900396)

* Thu Sep 25 2014 ro@suse.de
- properly umount nssadmin file system for oes
- do not mix list of filesystems to unmount with already
  unmounted filesystems (bnc#809110)

* Wed Aug 06 2014 ro@suse.de
- in boot.localfs, if fsck supports the "-r" option, use that
:~ #

So /dev/shm/run/ isn't used by anything during runtime, it's just a copy of what was in /var/run/ at a certain point during boot.