Hi all: A few weeks ago I installed and setup a QNAP NAS server as an iSCSI target, with approx 14 TB of storage space. I then setup one of our SLES 11 SP3 (OES11 SPs) as an initiator pointing to the QNAP NAS. I formatted it with BTFS. This all worked great for the first week and I was able to place backups onto the device, using about 2TB so far.

So last week my backup jobs started to fail. Investigation shows the SLES server is reporting only 9GB of disk space for the target. The QNAP NAS shows the storage correctly and that we have used the 2TB (fromt eh previous weeks backups). So some how the SLES server changed from seeing the 14TB to only seeing 9GB.

Any suggestions on fixing this problem? Thanks much, Chris.