Okay so first time I have come across SuSE and she is driving me mad. My boggle is thus:

I have been tasked with sorting out an issue where the P2V'd SLES 8.1 VM's are crashing with :
(svga) INVALID SGVA FIFO registers.

I figure this is cause the VMTOOLS is not installed. (there are other issues but this one is shuttin down (halting) the machines.

I downloaded some packages that i was recommended to put on, GCC make, Kernel-Source and ibuild. Now the thing is these all have multipule dependancies and the distro i seem to have doesnt have them. There is no "development" on the machines as when these were built, the default was not to install it.

I figured I would make a repo for YAST2 so that it would solve the dependancies for me but realised that createrepo and zypper cannot be installed without dependancies either. Best line of attack here i reckon was to try get a grip of the ISO's for SLES 8.1 and the "united linux" ISO's??
Apologies up front for my "green" SuSE knowledge (ha ha) but first time I ahave had to use it.

Anyone out there that can preferable put up the ISO links I need (Cannot find any but this. http://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/linux/suse/d...nued/i386/8.1/) which is a net build distro, I have no outside connectivity with the SLES 8.1 Servers (VMs). downloaded the package list off it but thats all, (its lacking some of what I need).

So thanks in advance to anyone that can help.