I installed mail server from yast and its working good send and receive local and relay mail outgoing through public mail all that good .

I trying now to fetch mail from internet through public mail so i configured from yast .

code: vi /etc/fetchmailrc

poll "imap.gmail.com" protocol IMAP : user "suliman.s@gmail.com" there with password "mypassword" is "solom@hospital.mail" here ;

Then error came to my mail box local .

( Fetchmail could not get mail from suliman.s@gmail.com.

The attempt to get authorization failed.
This probably means your password is invalid, but some servers have
other failure modes that fetchmail cannot distinguish from this
because they don't send useful error messages on login failure.

The fetchmail daemon will continue running and attempt to connect
at each cycle. No future notifications will be sent until service
is restored.
-- The Fetchmail Daemon )

Please Help