So after long last I purchased SLED for personal use. I wanted a decent RPM distro that would stand the test of time in terms of support. Currently I intend to continue purchasing it.

One big, big complaint though. I understand its a desktop but there seems to be no way to install unsupported versions of server based products. This is a legitimate desktop need in that often people develop directly off the desktop.

My solution to this was first mapping an Open-SuSe repo that was similar but after having a look at what it wanted to install I was like "no way" this will be a full on mismatch.

So I simply got hold of a SLES iso and mapped that to repo. Now I have unsupported, unpatched versions of server software. This is fine as im only using it for development purposes but its kinda clunky having a 2 Gig iso sitting on my hdd just so I can do dev.

It would be good if SuSe could provide unpatched repos or some kind of solution for this legitimate business need. Frankly Id prefer paying the same money for an 8 year supported version of Open SuSe where there is no divide between desktop and server. Being a Linux guy paying for a very nicely polished desktop its kinda odd that I can't simply install apache. Specially given that other Linux desktop solutions are increasing their support period.

The ideal would be for you guys to provide -

A free SLES repo for SLED customers that was back reved a year so we could use localhost server demons
Or even better, a unsupported beta repo with bleeding edge demons that "fit in" with dependencies on SLED
Or seriously getting behind fully ever greening an Open SuSe release and taking money off people to do just that - providing "patching only" and bug fix support.

Maybe there is a solution out there?

I just want to run server based products on desktop for personal/home use. I understand SuSe wanting to keep hold of their intellectual property but please understand, I do NOT want SUPPORTED tried and tested enterprise ready server based products on desktop. I just want to use the linux desktop like I would under Open SuSe.