The esxi 4.1-host ist on build 1682698 and holds some virtual machines with Netware (6.0 SBS), Windows (Server 2008R2) and Linux (Fedora 20).

For evaluation I downloaded the "Evaluation Novell Open Workgroup Suite for Small Business (6 files) dated 12 Jul 2013".

During the normal install as "fully-virtualized" with the graphical-gui the install freezes at some point bringing the esxi-host in a non-responsive mode. For that reason I started the install with the kernel-option "textmode=1" where the install ended in blowing the esxi-host with a PSOD and the message "recursive panic on same cpu".

Thats impressive!

In my poor eyes it should not be possible to blow the host in that way. Because I had sort of the same results with OpenSuse (but not Fedora) question came up, if there are any specific settings or steps for the vm to be taken, which I could not find myself so far.

The vm-setup includes vm-version 7, guest as Linux SLES11-64bit, 1 processor, 2 GB memory, 1 Nic E1000 with manual mac-address for the DNS-Server, SCSI LSI Logic Parallel, new disk with 12 GB as permanent, graphics with 4 MB memory.

Any ideas?