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Thread: SLE 12 and LDAP Authentication

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    SLE 12 and LDAP Authentication

    I have been using SLES for a while. Up to version SLES 11 (SP3), to configure LDAP as an authentication source for logins, you would launch the LDAP Client module in YaST, and configure appropriately. this would then make all of the necessary modifications to NSSwitch, etc, and allow local filesystem to also reflect ownership for LDAP users. This would also extend to configuring authentication for SAMBA users via LDAP.

    In SLE 12, the LDAP modules have been renamed Authentication Server (LDAP Server) and Authentication Client. However, the Authentication Client does not reflect the options which were previously in the LDAP Client module.

    I am unable to configure the system to use LDAP for users & groups. In tinkering around, I have managed to get it to recognize LDAP for users (in the Users & Group Management module), but it still only sees local groups.

    I am trying to setup a SAMBA DC, which would handle file storage, and also be an authentication source for other services via LDAP. This used to be very straight-forward and I have multiple working configurations in versions up to 11SP3, but seems to have changed (drastically) in version 12.

    I really need to configure the system to recognize LDAP as the authentication source for users and groups, and also to have the SAMBA module enabled by default when creating new users. Can anyone shed some light on how to accomplish this?
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