mikewillis wrote:
> =?UTF-8?B?R8O8bnRoZXIgU2Nod2Fyeg==?=;25825 Wrote:

>> https://www.suse.com/documentation/s...sle_admin.html
>>> and also this thing I wrote (over five years ago but still valid for
>>> SLED 11) about hacking the Slab menu
>>> https://www.suse.com/communities/con.../hacking-slab/

>> Very nice and handy. Thank you very much. This works nicely with my
>> custom entries in /usr/share/applications. Even the icons as defined in
>> the .desktop files do show up. Just two things that do not work for me
>> when making changes to the "slab":
>> The starter for the control center always stays on top of the list no
>> matter what rank it is given. I could get rid of it completely, of
>> course.

> That is puzzling because as can be seen in the screenshots at the start
> of my SUSE Conversations article, I have moved Control Centre. Also it's
> not at the top of the list by default.

Sorry, this was entirely my fault. The file system-items.xbel was messed
up. After fixing this the items appear in the expected order.

> =?UTF-8?B?R8O8bnRoZXIgU2Nod2Fyeg==?=;25825 Wrote:
>> My language definitions as defined in my custom desktop files in
>> /usr/share/applications do not show up in the slab. That is, changing
>> the default language does not change the name of the starter in the
>> list. It does work correctly in the application menue of in the desktop
>> folder.

> somehow makes a big mess of the System section. But removing the title
> attribute entirely
> ""
> Code:
> --------------------
> <bookmark href="potatohead.desktop" added="2007-01-16T05:53:36Z" modified="2007-01-16T05:53:36Z" visited="2007-01-16T05:53:36Z">
> <info>
> --------------------
> in the System section I get Potato or Kartoffel depending on which
> language I'm using.

OK, things start to get interesting. Thank you very much again for
digging so deeply into this.
So I did remove all the title tags in the file which does result in
showing me the language settings as given in my custom .desktop files.
Very nice.
One issue remains: The shutdown and logout sections now show the
language descriptions of the desktop entries also. These differ from the
default one in the slab. So instead of "Logout" is shows something like
"dialog box for logout" which is technically correct (the user has to
confirm the logout in a dialog box) but still somehow confusing.
Depending on the language settings it does not fit in the slab box also...
So I added a title section again for logout and shutdown. Now everything
looks nice and sorted in all languages we use, and I'm in time with
finishing my little project on Friday afternoon.