I would like to create 2 VM guest to build a 2-node active/standby cluster with SLES 11 SP3 and High Availability.

The requirement for the cluster:

1. Two servers will use a virtual IP (ocf:IPaddr2).
2. Each server will install tomcat and mysql. The tomcat will only connect to the mysql database in localhost.
3. The tomcat and mysql will not be cluster resources since it may sometimes require to manually stop/start them.
4. The server will create and save files to a data directory. The data directory should be always synchronized between manster and slave.
5. The cluster fail over time should be fast (within 1 minute).
6. The cluster will auto fail back if the master server is available again (the data directory and mysql database must be synchronized before fail back).
7. The cluster environment should be as simple as possible.
8. Easy backup and restore.

I hava a doubt about which means of data synchornization (mainly for mysql database and file saving directory) is better for the system.

  • For mysql HA, is mysql replication better than drbd?
  • For file saving directory, is it suitable for using Cluster Clone Resources with SAN + iSCSI + OCSF2?

Since I have no experience in building cluster before, there should be lots of issues that I haven't been considered yet.

Could any one share his/her experience?

Best Regards,