I recently did a delete of some systems from one organization and redirected my SMT to the organization to which the 2015 entitlement had been added. I deleted the systems from the SMT and SCC, Cleaned out the records on the clients with the suse_register -E command, changed the organization credentials on the SMT to point to the correct organization and re-registered the SLES 11 SP3 systems. The repositories on the SMT are receiving updates and "zypper patch" on the client system works however the systems are not showing up in the SCC web interface after several days.

When I type in "smt-register -d" I get back "Forward registration to SCC not yet implemented". How do the registrations make their way from my SMT to SCC?

The SMT system is running SLES 11 SP3. SMT is at smt-2.0.9-0.7.1. The client system is at SLES 11 SP3.