SLES11 SP3 x86_64 installation on HP ML350 G9 allows for 1280x1024 16-bit color with no trouble. Monitor is HP E271i. G9 has Matrox G200eh embedded video. Everything working fine until update the SP3 installation with SP3 Patch DVD from Jan 2015. After patch installation and reboot, no video. Running sax2 from command line and accepting recommended settings yields 1024x768 24-bit color. Sax2 will accept no changes to resolution or color depth. When starting sax2 get popup: "Invalid color/resolution combination. The selected resolution and/or color settings are not supoprted by the graphics cards framebuffer."

Anyone know how to fix this (without reinstalling and skipping the patches or adding a new video card)? If an add-in video card is the only solution, anyone know of a video card that will work at 1280x1024 16-bit color with the current xorg?