I have a cluster running under SLES 11 SP3, and i need to send jobs to it with a VPS. So I need to run a SLES 11SP3 or a compatible OS on this server but sadly i cannot afford the subscription to SLES (The answer would be easy other way ).
The idea would be to compile/install programs and dependencies on a shared filesystem (between the cluster and the VPS) from the VPS and run them on the cluster.

So I would have some questions :

On the suse FAQ i can read :
Quote Originally Posted by https://www.suse.com/products/server/frequently-asked-questions/
How much does SUSE Linux Enterprise Server cost?

There is no license cost for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and you can download the operating system for free from http://download.suse.com. SUSE charges a small fee, however, for support and maintenance. A paid subscription to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server comes with major benefits—immediate delivery of upgrades, patches and security fixes; access to award-winning SUSE technical support; IP indemnification; and much more. For our current pricing and more information about our Basic, Standard and Priority subscriptions, please visit http://www.suse.com/products/server/how-to-buy/.
When i read what i colored in red, I understand that there is a "non immediate" way to get updates even with a non subscribed version of SLES, is it the case? And if yes, how?

My second question is, if it is not possible to legally update a non subscribed SLES version at all, can i try to setup my installation with an OpenSUSE OS on the VPS (the closest version to the SLES 11 SP3 version i can find)? Basicly, would binaries compiled on OpenSUSE XX.X be able to run on SLES 11 SP3?

If yes, is there somewhere i can find all the specs of each SLES/OpenSUSE versions so i can take the closest one?

Thank's in advance!