Hello Forum Users,

my Problem is about Virtual Machine Manager and the Storage configuration in a SLES12 environment with KVM/qemu.

I want use the VMM with LVM and the qcow2 format.

My first config is:

A LVM Group with a new volume. If I use this I can use any GB space for the Virtual Machine
I want. But I cannot use the qcow2 format.

My second config is:

I use a ( in German: ) Dateisystemverzeichnis my data space cannot be bigger then 8 GB. But I can use the qcow2 format.

In two scenarios both cases are work.
First: I use the default directory from VMM, or I use a Folder in my /home directory.

My wish is two use my second Hard Disk with many Logical Volumes for many Virtual Machines.

Thank you for read,