On 02/09/2015 06:24 AM, John Gill wrote:
> I removed the symbolic link and tried a hard link.. This failed because
> "hard link not allowed for directory"

Doh... I always forget about that one. My bad.

> When I tried ln -F /usr/share/dialup_admin/htdocs /srv/www/htdocs I get
> "Operation not permitted"

You were likely trying to overwrite an existing directory in this case
unless you first removed /srv/www/htdocs, but no matter since you've moved
past this.

> I also tried the "override option in the /etc/apache2/httpd.conf and
> when I stopped and started apache2
> the apache complained about "Directory index forbidden by options
> directive"

Okay, so progress. Now add the default "file" to be accessed; perhaps
this is index.html, or index.php, or similar. If you add it to the
address bar in your browser then the DirectoryIndex feature will not need
to be used and things should load up. Of course, you probably do not want
to specify index.whatever each time you access the site, so making the
DirectoryIndex work is a good idea.

In the default httpd.conf (or linked-in file from httpd.conf) there is
probably a <Directory/> block which specifies the allowed options for this
directory. You can either change these options, or allow overrides and
then use an .htaccess file within your 'htdocs' directory to allow these
options to work. Generally speaking if you own the server I'd just add an
exception to the rule via a <Directory/> block:

<Directory /usr/share/dialup_admin/htdocs>
Options +Indexes
(or something like that)

Be sure to restart httpd to apply the change.

Good luck.

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