I just made a post and was briefly confused when I saw that my post was dated "Today, 09:59 AM" and was in a reply to a post dated "Today, 12:33 AM". How can that be? 12 comes after 9! Something is amiss! Except of course the forum is showing the time using the AM/PM suffix and 12AM does indeed come before 9AM. However the time format the forum is using also has a leading zero, which is redundant when using AM/PM suffix and also, to my mind at least, something that should only be used when using 24 hour clock, the purpose being to indicate that 24 hour clock is being used. 9:59AM or 09:59, but not 09:59AM.

I therefore propose that either the time format is changed to 24 hour clock or that the leading zero is removed (if the forum software allows that).

In the UK we just moved our clocks forward an hour so I've been looking at clocks a lot this morning