The SUSE forums used to be a sub set of the Novell forums at With the separation of the Attachmate Group business units into separate and independent companies, the SUSE forums deserve a place of their own. Messages have been being synchronized between the two forum sets for a while now so we don't have to start with a completely blank set of forums. Your conversations can continue here without interruption. User accounts will automatically be re-created over here when you login but, unfortunately, message ownership won't be transferred. That's OK. In a couple of weeks, nobody will notice. Small forum improvements and tweaks will be taking place over the next couple of weeks such as a creation of our own forum FAQ, etc. but if you see something that needs attention, just let us know. NNTP traffic is still handled on the same server it has always been on, that won't change, just the names of the forums on NNTP have changed to match the new forums here. Thanks for joining us in our new home!