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I am using a fresh install of Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 12. How do I add an application launcher directly on the bottom menu bar? Can I re-order the bar so the items can be moved around, including the Applications and Places menu buttons, window switcher, notification area, desktop switcher, clock, network icon, volume mixer, and/or power button? Where do I control this? Thank you

The most important question is if it is possible to add a button to launch an application at the very left of the bar, before "Applications^"
The simple answer is no. SLED 12 ships with GNOME 3 which is very different from GNOME 2. In GNOME 2 you could easily re-arrange, add and remove items in the Panel. In GNOME 3 such flexibility is simply gone.

The more involved answer is, yes, but it is far from easy. It has to be done by way of writing an extension or finding an extension someone else wrote that does what you want at https://extensions.gnome.org/ This extension adds your Favourites* to the panel https://extensions.gnome.org/extensi...nel-favorites/ it works in SLED 12 but it doesn't work well in SLE-Classic** because it moves around depending on how many windows you have open and it exacerbates the problem of the bottom panel being quite crowed, a problem SUSE created by removing the top panel. The extension works better in GNOME Classic or GNOME.

*To set Favourites, right click on something in the Applications menu and you get an option to add it to the Favourites section.

** SLED 12 ships with three different variants of GNOME 3, which I briefly described at