Hi Folks.

I have got quite fimiliar with SLES 11 SP3 and now I wanted to move on to SLES 12. Not much luck so far, I already get stuck with some basics.

On SLES 11 I used xrdp to connect to the linux host with absolutely no problems. Quite different on SLES 12.

1. I installed a standard host with just with no extra software from the install menu - out of the box.
2. Then solving the problem with the screen resolution standard of 640x480 by setting the default during setup in kernel parameters.
3. Yast; Software Management; add xrdp --> ok; Open port in firewall - ok.
4. Now here we go. SLES 11 was so kind to install as well a "service" for xrdp, SLES 12 anoyingly isn't. So googleing, finding corresponding posts, create xrdp.service, install & start service. ok.
5. Connecting to the host through MS RDP Client ends up in black screen with mouse pointer. Googleing again, finding other users with the same problem, but no real solution for SLES 12.

Investigating the issue and comparing to my SLES 11 box there are some findings:
A) on SLES 11 there is installed "xorg-x11-server-rdp", this ist not the case on SLES 12. And did not find any helpful information about if I need this and if that is so, how to install it.
B) on SLES 11 the MS-RDP client on launch has a field called "Session" and the choices in this field are:
GNOME, IceWM, FVWM, TWM and Failsafe Terminal
on SLES 12 the third field is called "Module" and the choices are:
sesman-Xvnc, console, vnc-any, sesman-any, rdp-any, freerdp-any and sesman-X11rdp

well - I have tried them all with no luck. And I did not find any helpful postings or documentation to explain, what I need or what the difference is.

I do assume, that the old choics "GNOME" and the new choice sesman-X11rdp are somewhat the same....

Any ideas where to go from here?