Backgroud: Running SUSE 12 on Vmware, Installed Galera-Mysql

My question is that there seems to be a conflict or something weird with the mysql init.d script in how it gets executed.

i.e. - running it through service or systemctl appears to have strange results, or at least results that don't jive with what is expected. options not being accepted etc...

running it directly /etc/init.d/mysql executes as expected or as it would if on SUSE 11
I also checked and there is no mysql.service in the /etc/systemd/system, wondering I try creating one if it would work. There is a the SYSTEMD_NO_WRAP=1 in the init script, but I think that's just to send errors to std out.

Is there something I can do to correct this or just keep running it direct /etc/init.d/mysql ?