I am trying to get H.264 to work in Firefox / SLED 12.
No matter what I try, I can't get e.g. youtube.com/html5 or html5test.com to confirm that H.264 playback is working.

I have tried the way I prefer and followed the "Additional multimedia codec support for SLED 12" instructions from mikewillis.

Everything builds correctly as far as I can see and gst-inspect-1.0 shows a lot of plugins afterwards (about 180 I think).
Any suggestions to how to double check that the codecs actually builds and works as expected?

I have also tried to install codecs and plugins from openSUSE / packman repos, which I would prefer not to do.
Anyway that has not worked either.

Finally I have tried the One Play Codec Pack from Fluendo, which install correctly as well.
However that doesn't make any difference in Firefox either.

I have been around aboutlugins, about:config etc. and tried all suggestions from google.
Apparently I am missing something.

Any help is much appreciated!


Kind Regards,