Hi everyone,

we are currently facing some odd problems with our Dell Poweredge R905 and SLES 11 (SP1) as
we yet cannot manage to get the online repository up and running thus not being able to do any kind of update.

Some background:
After some trouble with our proxy, we finally managed to register our version of SLES via the "suse_register"-command.
That is, on the one hand, our machine's details on our Novell account site say: "registered on February 9th, 2012".
On the other hand their machine/system overview page marks our server as "needs activation". That's the first strange thing.

But the actual problem is that we are not able to perform the Online-Update as there are no online repos available under "Software Repositories" (only the install DVD is available there).
When I select Online-Update a dialog says "No update repository configured yet. Running the configuration workflow now?".
During that workflow it directs me to the Novell page, where I have to enter my mail address and the activation code. At the end of that workflow it always says:
"Online Repositories do not need to be changed" That's the second strange thing.

My question is: what do we have to do in order to get the online repos properly installed?

Thanks a lot in advance!