recently we have discovered a problem with a 64 bit implementation of an SNMP subagent compiled on SLES 11 SP3. The code is not able register its MIB subtree with the master agent.

This appears to be a problem that was fixed in Net-SNMP 5.6. The fix (in snmplib) is mentioned in http://www.net-snmp.org/docs/CHANGES.html and is called "Change oid to be a 32-bit type on ILP64 and LP64 platforms.".

SLES 11 SP3 still uses Net-SNMP 5.4.x that is (understandable) not upgradeable to a more recent version other than building Net-SNMP from scratch. This is an option we want to avoid because we recommend SLES 11 SP3 to our customers as the Linux platform of choice. We definitely can not expect a customer to build Net-SNMP from scratch.

So Net-SNMP subagent development of 64 bit code appears to be impossible on SLES 11 SP3. The question is if there's something that can be done to alleviate this or if there are any plans to change that for the remaining lifetime of SLES 11 SP3 (or SP4 or ...).

Thanks and best regards,
- Michael Kwasigroch, Intercope GmbH, Hamburg, Germany