I loose a Suse 11 Virtual Machine after attacing a 2nd data disk. When I reboot it, the machine freezes and give no response.

I've downloaded the OS disk and created a new VM on my PC's Hyper-V. The VM does nothing, after Lilo the screen turns black and nothing hapens.

I've created a new VM and when have attached the 2dn data disk the problem occurs again.

Please, how can I get some support about this bug? I need a Suse VM, may I wait a correction or try another cloud service?

I use to host my VMs in US East. The used images was 'SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3'. I always use the last version and Standard type. The first VM was configured about november'2014, and the second I used the 2015/01/27 release.

I've attached 2 empty disks in both situations, always with RW cache:

In the first VM:
- 1st disk with 1023GB
- 2nd disk with ~50GB

In the second VM:
- 1st disk with 1023GB
- 2nd disk with 1023GB

I've configured the first disk and worked in the VM. With them online I've attached the second disk and rebooted after configure fstab (pointing to /dev/disk/by-id/nnnnnnnnn). After this reboot the machine freezes.