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Thread: Help with xen ha resource in sles 12

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  1. Help with xen ha resource in sles 12


    I have recently upgraded to sles 12 (with hae) from sles 11 sp2.

    I am currently trying to configure the xen resource and do not know what file to configure for the 'xmfile' parameter.

    Since the sles 12 xen version does not use xend anymore the usual file located in /etc/xen/vm/*.cfg no longer exists. I have tried referencing the newer xml config file for the vm but that does not seem to work.

    Also, for some reason, when I perform a live migration with virsh the vm continues to run on the migrate-from node. I use primary/primary drbd vbd devices. I can run the vm manually from both nodes and I have the latest vmdp drivers installed on the win 2012 r2 vm.
    The error indicates something like 'could not unpause...'.

    The changes from sles 11 sp2 to skes 12 are quit a few in virtulization and hae. Its priving to be quite a challenge to configure hae and xen with drbd on sles 12 compared to sles 11 sp2.

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