On Wed 11 Mar 2015 04:44:02 PM CDT, jayvi wrote:

The zypper refresh makes no difference. I verified that the delta rpm
is valid:

# applydeltarpm -r noarch/my-aix-99.0.0-125.noarch.rpm
drpms/my-aix-99.0.0-125_99.0.0-126.noarch.drpm 126.rpm # cmp
126.rpm ../tmp/my-aix-99.0.0-126.noarch.rpm #


I've studied the /var/log/zypper.log and found no errors or warnings.

The repo is a local repo, not an http repo, if that matters.

So why does it create the prestodelta it should be deltainfo plus all
the other files required when running createrepo....

Your system is all up to date with patches etc (there are a couple for
create repo)?

AFAIK, the layout of the repo should be as per the example, I also see
this option --oldpackagedirs= to make deltas against so you should not
need to manually create, just have the old and new present...

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