Hi amginenigma,

> in fact just looked at uptime on one of these boxes and it's been 500+ days since it was last rebooted

while that number looks "nice" at first glance, I wonder if you have been applying updates to your installation during that time... at lot has happened concerning Xen in SLES11SP3,not only the base OS.

> In looking at the logs since Monday I've not seen this server network stack 'flap' or whatever term we'd like to use, however I don't expect it will if it is going to for another few days

If/when you see this happen again, it'd be nice to see some syslog from (right) before the first instance of these messages. If you wouldn't want these in public for security reasons, feel free to send me a private message. And if this happens even if you update to the latest patch level, opening an SR would be an option, too - this definitely isn't a "typical error".