I just spent several minutes trying to figure out what I was supposed to
fix for this user who, in composing one specific GroupWise message,
switched from HTML view to text view and suddenly could not scroll with
the mouse, and had to press the Enter key two times to break paragraphs
in a chunk of pasted text.

Some back and forth ensued, as I attempted to draw from her exactly what
she was so bothered about that she wanted tech support...I guess I never
did figure it out, since I finally suggested that if she was concerned
about how the message looked to recipients (as in, weird hidden
characters becoming unhidden on send) she could first send it to her own
outside account as a test.

"No, I don't care how it looks, I'm concerned about how my computer's

If you are only seeing problems when dealing with a single message,
that's a very small set of data to draw any conclusions from. I don't
think it will make any difference, but do you want to try a new keyboard
and mouse?

*big sigh* "No, I'll just add that to the list of extra things I need to
do to get my job done."