Hey guys, been trying to get SLED set up on my laptop, been running openssue 12.1 fine, but want to have a play with SLED 11 SP1
I install it, all goes fine but I get no network, so dont get the option to register and download updates before rebooting etc
Then I try once rebooted, network manager just says theres no network available, try disabling network manager and set address manaully, sdtill no go.
ifconfig -a shows no IP, but there's a MAC address for eth0, why isn't it picking up an IP?
Even when set a static IP, although the IP shows in ifconfig, I cant even ping my gateway.
The network light is green with an orange flash approximetly every 5 seconds or so.
It's not picking up any wireless at all, not that I would expect it to on it's install as the SLED install image is getting on now ............ I expect once I can run updates it will pick up the wireless, but until I get the wired network working on this machine I cant run updates GRRR!
Anyone with any ideas on this one?

Thanks, regards Peter.