On 29/03/2015 18:36, vatson wrote:
> I've been requested to create something like a 'clickable view' of our
> servers, with links to (or at least information about) services running
> on these servers. For example, click on OES server and it opens
> iManager, click on Windows server running MS SQL and it opens up
> idunnowhat. I don't even know where to start looking for a solution for
> something like that. Of course we have monitoring (Zabbix), a manually
> maintained database of all our servers, a wiki describing how various
> services are set up... but apparently none of that is "it". Is someone,
> somewhere, using something that sounds like a solution for that
> particular request?

We use nagvis here to give a pretty clickable map frontend onto our
icinga (actually, onto mklivestatus, but that's a presentation layer)

its pretty flexible - host icon mouse hover gives you the current
service list and status from icinga (so should work for Zabbix too,
assuming it supports mklivestatus or some other api nagvis can hook to)
and clicking an icon redirects to an url of the admin's choice.