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Hi d_s_b,
To fix the situation on your behalf, I'd recommend to save all the files from /boot in some other location and to recreate the file system as ext3, then move back all the files. Once done, you should be able to update grub, after creating the probably still missing symlink... but there are a number of potential pitfalls, testing this on your "recovered" system first would be a very good idea.
Thanks again, got back to this.
Booted from a GParted Live USB (0.22.0-1-) and copied the files with
cp -r
Checked with
ls -alF
that all the files were there and the directory structure matched.
Then deleted the VFAT partition and with gparted, created the ext3 one. Added the "boot" label, copied back the files & checked the same way.
Then created the .boot symlink with
ln -s . boot
When booting: blank screen (black). Happy I did not do it on the original drive but on the clone (which of course I tested fine before this operation) :-D. So I may have fallen in one of the pitfalls you mentioned.

Now I am considering that from my 11.3 there is a an upgrade to SUSE 12. Is this migration likely to recreate/replace the boot partition correctly (ext3)? Or will it keep the "bad" VFAT partition I currently have? Or it is likely the upgrade (or for that matter even installing service pack 11.4) will fail because of this missing .boot symlink. If it is the latter third option, then maybe you see what I did wrong above in implementing the fixing instructions.