Hello Forum Users,

I would ask for help about my Net-Infrasructur.

My destination is to get up and running a Intrusion Prevention System (Snort) in a Virtual Machine. This I installed succesfully . But in the Infrastructur I would do a step before, for understanding.

Now I have a PC (PC1) between my Internet Router and my internal Network (with a Cross Over Connection).

I managed it to ping from my internal Network across my PC1, where is a bridge with eth0 and eth1, to my Internet Router.

Now I have respect to do the next step, because my iptables are full with any default rules.

In my understanding, for other Net- Traffic (not ICMP) across PC1, I need a iptables rule?

In example: iptables -A FORWARD -i br3 -j ACCEPT

Is this right?