Hello Forum Users,

now I succesfully connect my PC across another one to my Internet Router and the Internet with iptables.

I created Firewall rules with my SLES GUI, and remove the rules on the same way.

Now on the command line with the command „iptables -L -v –line-numbers“ they are already there.

If I disable my Ipv4-Forwarding, or my Bridge between my Network Cards the rules disappear. But if I enable the Forwarding or build my Bridge again they comes back.

The removing with the iptables -D option don't survive a restart.

But all rules I created now, I can remove with the -D option. How can I do it for the „GUI – Rules“?

My second Question is, how can I learn which rules are default after a new SLES Installation?

Or is there any?

Can I remove all rules, without do my system not working? No other important services are on the PC.

Thank you,