OK, what the hell is going on? Suse used to be solid! You press a button and something happens. Things have become very sloppy in recent distros. I have Firefox running an AOL Thread. I'm reading the headlines when the video starts up automatically. I press the stop video, and it continues. I press the eXit button on top and it stays. I have to hit the "ll" button on the video many times to stop it. What's up with that? So it continues, and i press the "X" button on Firefox to exit many times. What the hell man? If I want the **** off! I want it off! I don't want to have to press it 30 times until it finally goes off. If I cannot control my computer with the Linux operating system, please refer me to an OS that will work as described. I have been using Opensuse for over 15 years.

Master Rod