Hi There,

I have got this interesting thing which I need to configure on ESX servers.
I want to configure SuSE Linux servers in high availability by using the storage which is already on a SAN and this SAN is connected to the ESX server.

There would be two SuSE Linux servers running on two different ESX servers, ESX01 and ESX02. SuSE01 on ESX01 and SuSE02 on ESX02. and these servers will have a software HA configured between them.
These ESX servers have a common iSCSI storage configured, which are already setup as targets over them, so ESX01 and 02 list them as LUN.
Now, I have these other tow SuSE servers, where I will be installing them on the local storage of the ESX servers.
But, for the application that I would be hosting on the SuSE server would be using these iSCSI storage area.
As the iSCSI storage is already configured as targets on the ESX.
In order to communicate to the iSCSI channel I have also configured another network adapter and provided them withing in the same IP range of the iSCSI.

The first question is that, is this setup even possible?
If yes, then what are the steps that I might need to take to accomplish this successfully?

Thank you,