I'm new here and currently in the process of evaluating SLE12 where I've run into an issue that hopefully someone here can help with...

I've got Win7 as a Host with VMWare Workstation 11 installed. There I've installed SLE12 with the open-vm-tools that come with it. However, copy&paste, drag&drop and sharing folders with the host is not working at all but the automatic screen resizing when changing window size is working.

I've already tried removing the open-vm-tools and using the VMWare tools that come with VMWare Workstation but that had the same effect.

On the same host and Workstation installation I also use SLE11 SP3 (with VMware-Tools-OSP) and Ubuntu 14.04 (just standard easy install) and with both all the features, even Unity, work fine.

Anyone have an idea what the issue could be?

Many thanks in advance!