I have a couple of SuSE 12 machines what I want to add to SuMA, but they are added as name "" and with ip "" instead of their normal hostname and IP.

I use " mgr-ssh-push-init --client <ip>--register /srv/www/htdocs/pub/bootstrap/bootstrap.sh --tunnel" to register them.
The bootstrap script ends succesfully, and I can log into the machine and use zypper without any problems.
hostname -s and hostname -f gives correct output on the client.

/var/log/up2date have something I think might be the issue:
[Tue Apr 21 16:41:34 2015] up2date Warning: haldaemon or messagebus service not running. Cannot probe hardware and DMI information.

but dbus-daemon is running (hald is not available on SLES 12 I think)