I'm about to install SLED, again, after having a HORRIFIC experience with openSUSE 13.2... and I mean, absolutely HORRIFIC: I've worked with Linux, personally and professionally, 6 months after it was released in the wild up until today; there were a few couple year gaps here and there, to be sure, but I'm not new to the installation process. openSUSE 13.2 had me stumped and I never once got it working. </rant>

What I am wondering: Is SLED 12 a marked improvement over SLED 11 SP3? I'm not a fanatic for GNOME 3.x and was hoping SLED 12 would go a different route; however, since it did not, I'm trying to decide if I will stick with SLED 11 SP3 or SLED 12.

Can anybody please share their thoughts with SLED 12, as compared to 11 SP3? I would certainly love to hear about what applications that are or are not available for 12.