This is mostly a rant, but I'm hoping someone out there will see some of my rants and have an idea about how I'm doing something wrong/stupid and tell me the right way to do it. SLED 12 just seems broken. I really wish I would've stuck with SLED11 as I've never had any significant issues with it.

1) The combination of VMWare Workstation and life (especially browsers) are incompatible. We have a few installed of VMWare Workstation 11 (started with 10, same problems) and things randomly freeze - badly. This is especially true if you have a browser open. Firefox is the worst, but Opera 28 does it as well. The same hardware running SLED11 and Workstation 10 had no such problems.
2) The repositories are broken. Currently, there are 17 extensions for ant available in SLE-SDK12-Pool.. but no package for ant itself. java-1_7_0-openjdk-devel seems to be missing. There have been a couple of other strange omissions from the repositories, but these are the two I can remember off hand.
3) The audio subsystem seems broken. The default path reverts back to.. whatever instead of remembering your changes. There's also an issue with pidgin changing system volume. (which appears to be an upstream bug originally reported in 2013)

There are random other quirks that our users keep finding, most of them seem to be related to Gnome3, but it's hard to tell.
In general, going from SLED9, 10 and 11 where you'd have a few minor annoyances here and there but overall a fully developed and stable platform to.. this. If SLED12 were my first experience with SLED I would've never recommended anyone else use it.. ever.
It just seems that there was no effort on SUSE's (read: Attachmate's) part to make sure they were delivering a polished product.