SUSE932951- Unable to use LVM volume on /usr directory (dracut?)
I have made some progress on this problem.
Using the following process I was able to successfully IPL the Suse 12 operating system.
Updated dracut-037-37.2.s390x to dracut-037-49.1.s390x.rpm. This may not be needed.
Edit /etc/lvm/lvm.conf and set use_lvmetad=1 then systemctl enable lvm2-lvmetad.socket.
Create a LVM volume and copy the contents of /usr on to it.
Update /etc//fstab and mount the LVM volume on /usr.
Issue dracut -f --fstab --debug > initrd_gen 2>&1.
Issue mkinitrd.
Issue grub2-zipl-setup.
I am not sure if all steps are require but I was successful with this process.
I have found no documentation for the grub2-zipl-setup command and I have ask Suse for more information.
I think I should be able to create a LVM volume and use it without having to run these additional commands. I am able to create and use them on other directories without these additional command. If there are restrictions or requirements for specific directories then there needs to be documentation and have asked Suse for their input to explain this.