I'm just trying to dot my i's and cross my t's here:

I see no benefit from bind 9s binary zone file format, we have a relatively small network anyway.
I want to change the default format to text on our secondary.

From what I've read, I need to edit the named.conf file like so to add the masterfile-format text; line to each zone entry:

zone "mydomain.com" in {
type slave;
notify no;
file "data/mydomain.com";
masterfile-format text;
masters {; };

If I understand this correctly, it appears I have to edit the secondary's named.conf file (not the masters!) but add this line for every single zone definition.

Because we have a lot of reverse zone files and several different defined "Views", this is going to mean editing over a hundred lines.
I was thinking I could use sed and just work out a way to enter that "masterfile-format text;" line right underneath the "type slave;" line (this would result in editing consistency for all zones)

Sound right?

On some other website it sounded like someone suggested I could just enter it once in the top "Options" part of the conf file, but I'm not sure about that.
It would be a lot easier if I could.