Hello ,

I believe my 3-year registration is messed up already after a couple of weeks, and would like to know how to cleanly re-register a system:

1) I did the following:

rm /etc/SUSEConnect
rm /etc/zypp/credentials.d/*
zypper sr <ALL_SERVICES>

2) Check in the SCC web that I have one unused subscription for SLED.

3) Try to use Yast / SUSE Customer Center Configuration, with my email and reg.code but got:

Registration failed.
Details: No product found on SCC for: SLED 12 x86_64 POOL


Sigh ...

Last time it seemed to work with the command line SUSEConnect, at least 5 out of 6 repositories were added and zypper worked, but Yast kept asking for registration in the different modules.

Is there a tutorial on how to completely re-register without re-installing?


PS. Suse was my first linux-love and I am really trying to like it again after 15 years of Debian :-|