Im working with SLES 11.1 and OpenLDAP 2.4.20.

In Yast Im trying configure "Access Control Configuration" but it doesnt work. I have to deploy 2 conditions: cn=userproxy,dc=users,dc=tree access read only over subtree dc=container,dc=tree and cn=admin,dc=users,dc=tree all access on all entries.

Over the rule "special access rules first, generic access rules last" i was set:

On "All entries", The user with the DN cn=admin,dc=users,dc=tree Manage (full), and "Stop Access Control evaluation here"
On "All Entries in the subtree" dc=container,dc=tree , The user with the DN cn=userproxy,dc=users,dc=tree read , and "Stop Access Control evaluation here"
All entries everybody read all attributes, "Stop Access Control evaluation here".

I could not find documentation on Access Control Configuration through YAST. Do you know where to get some information?