Hi all,

Well, the title says it all. I installed SLES 11.3 SP3 and registered it. During registration through yast it shows the registration status as sucessfull. I can also see the machine being registered @ suse.com. During the registration it should download the repositories, which it doesn't. The only repository I see is the DVD. Removing and re-registering either through yast or the command line doesn't work either.
Also tried to add a repository using zypper (like: zypper ar https://updates.suse.com/repo/$RCE/SLES11-SP3-Updates/sle-11-i586 updates). This adds the repo but I still can't access it, giving me an error: Permission to access 'https://updates.suse.com/repo//SLES11-SP3-Updates/sle-11-i586/repodata/repomd.xml' denied.
I went through the forums but wasn't able to find a lot of usefull resolutions, the ones I found didn't help.

So I'm kind of lost here about how to resolve it, anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.