I'm about to build quite a few SLES 11 SP3 servers as virtual machines. These servers will ultimately have OES on them as well but the primary install is SLES. When I last did this I created a VMware template from the install at an appropriate point and then used that to subsequently minimise the install time of further servers. However SLES11SP3 requires server specific information at a very early stage of the install (server name and some other unique information) and so that prevents me using the "rough and ready" method I used before where I created the template at the point where unique information was required to continue the install.

I mention the OES install as well for full disclosure but it has no impact at this phase of the install.

I understand that the autoyast xml file can be used to customise other parts of the process but that doesn't appear appropriate in this case. If that is incorrect and there is a simple way of running up a fresh install then I'm happy to be proved wrong, although my understanding is that would not use the benefits of our VMware or storage environment as well as creating new servers from template.

What is the correct method for creating a template in VMware for SLES11SP3?

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