Hi, all! I'm sorry to say that I now recognize only one name in recent
posts, that of the estimable Susan R. from WP BBS days. I haven't been
to Chat but perhaps once since Frank died ... we get older, life gets
messy, but I still do Novell here & there.

Anyway, since this is clearly NOT a tech support type of question, I
thought I'd toss it out here and see if anyone actually knows anything
more about the business side than I do (which, well, is pretty darned
easy since I didn't even notice the Microfocus buy-out until it hit the
support part of the website.)

So .... someone I know NOT personally, on the support side of Zenworks,
informed me that they no longer work for Novell after today. Quick
research led me to no concrete info as to whether there had been another
round of layoffs, but plenty of articles suggest that Microfocus intends
to cut massively from "Novell", particularly on product lines like

I'd like to know:

- What is the real market for Zenworks? I mean, dangitall, this product
is miles ahead of everything competing with it, but nobody ever talks
about Zenworks when it comes to endpoint management products.

- Has there indeed been another round of layoffs?

- Is there any hope that Microfocus can meet their contract commitments
for 2 hr response times for Zenworks premium support? (Hasn't been the
case recently).

- If YOU (as someone with more than a clue about Zenworks, please) were
looking at alternatives, what would you be looking at? (We know that
Gartner puts SCCM far ahead of all the others, though for the life of
me, I'm not sure why! SCCM seems still very limited as an endpoint tool
for workstations.)

Thanks. If there's anyone who does recall me even vaguely, having made
it this far, I just want to say "hey" and the best to you. I'm about 5
yrs from retirement now, and that makes me assume that some of my former
contacts have retired already, at least one has died, and probably quite
a few more have moved on to completely-non-Novell things.

Survival is my baseline, and the story of my life is just trying to not
hate Microsoft.

-- DE

P.S. For all you bazillion readers who *don't* know me & read through
the web interface, don't believe that "30 posts" thing. Presumably
that's 30 via the web interface; I generally still use NNTP, old-lady
that I am.

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