I'm trying to explore the possibilities available in SUSE Openstack Cloud 5, one of the areas is networking.

Our physical network is divided into VLANs, the switch ports for the compute nodes are configured to handle untagged traffic via the "cloud admin VLANs" and support 802.1q tagged frames for the other VLANs configured for Cloud and those for the non-cloud environment.

One tenant will be creating instances that will be part of the standard production network and I would like to configure the Cloud in a way that communications for those instances will not need to cross the control node, but rather have the instance network interfaces be part of the corresponding VLAN.

Other tenants ought to work similarly - we would have a VLAN per tenant and *an external router* should do all the work.

In other words: I want the packet flow to be "instance" - "bridge on compute node" - "VLAN trunk to physical switch" (and then, if needed, going to physical router). No "control node", GRE or alike involved in the packet flow.

The SUSE Cloud documentation mentions external routers, but for some reason I have not been able to set things up in a way that would put the instance interfaces into the VLANs, right on the compute nodes. I don't even see according bridges on the compute node, neither via brctl nor via ovs commands.

Could somebody give me a push into the right direction, please?