Hi All,

I am very new to Linux OS (SLES), and i have to configure a VM with host OS SLES.
Actually we have one EMC product called EMC Asset management and planning(AMP),
It is a VM Image and its host OS is SUSE Linux Enterprise server,
now when I play the image in VMware player it gives me configuration console with options,
Networking, Reboot, Shutdown and asks to press alt F2 to login
now the AMP suite has provided one default user as "amp", so i log in through amp but this user does not have complete privileges, it login in a shell(cmd) with the prompt like "amp@linux-x2tb:~>", so am not able to run some commands, and i am not able to use the root user,
so please tell me how to give privileges to the "amp" user or tell me how to use root user, how to get its password.

help appreciated.