I have another question for the experts here in this forum. Can anyone explain to me, how the network settings are supposed to be? I tried to stick with the defaults as far as possible, except the VLAN-IDs had to be changed because our physical network is divided into VLANs, the switch ports for the compute nodes are configured to handle untagged traffic via the "cloud admin VLANs" and support 802.1q tagged frames for the other VLANs configured for Cloud and those for the non-cloud environment.
Now the documentation says, I should be able to login to an instance (VM) via ssh from my local console. But this didn't work for us, until we added a VLAN to the compute node and associated it to the corresponding floating network. Now I can use ssh to get on the VM. But this is not the design, right? I have to add that this configuration only lasted until I had to reboot the compute node. The design would be that all the VM traffic is forwarded towards the control node which allows to ssh onto a VM, right? So what would the configuration have to look like? What am I supposed to see on control node and on compute node, for example when I call ifconfig or brctl show.
I know that I can work on a VM using xl console on compute node or in the Horizon Dashboard, but that's not what I need. I would really appreciate it if anybody could "paint a picture" for me, how the access to a VM is working with ssh without VLANs on compute node.

Thank you very much!