Using Enterprise Server 11 with SP3 installed. This system was functional at one point.
To correct some problems with permissions I changed the smb.conf file. As far as I know that was the last thing I did. When I was trying to exit root and goto the user the system failed to recognize the root password so I couldn't shut down. I powered the computer off and on and all I get is the following error: There is a problem with the configuration server /usr/lib/gconf/2/GConf-sanity-check 2 exited with status 256 In the corner of the message it has a button labelled 'log-out'.

I am thinking if I can get to the file system and replace the smb.conf file with the backup that I made that would correct this problem. Although, I am surprised that the smb.conf file would get tested at this point.

Is there any kind of method to get to the file system on the machine? Thanks