mradford;2399186 Wrote:
> It is a complex issue, and is getting worked by 2 teams. No update Kevin
> due to no status change. We will get you fixed. As always, if this is
> becoming critical for you, either give us a ring, or call me. I always
> answer Mike Radford, Director Customer Care cell 801 368 3427

Thanks Mike!

If I might make some suggestions:

1) The SR system (at least customer facing side) has icons/status
symbols for "In Progress". If a call is actively being worked on, the
engineers should use that status setting

2) When a customer REPEATEDLY asks for a status update, or if another
team has been engaged, a simple, "Yes, we are engaging the other team"
or SOME response should be warranted.

If you look at the SR notes, you will see that I repeatedly
asked/inquired and got NO response. No email, no call, no nothing.

If someone was working on the call, they should have, at the very least,
indicated as such in the system and not left me hanging for 2 weeks.

Again, thanks for getting this moving along.


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